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Who is DearDoc, Inc.?
We’re a practice growth management platform specializing in provided state of the art software and website services to help private medical practices grow. We are located and based out of New York, New York. We have been in business since 2019. Our company is privately owned and our CEO is Joe Brown.

Why are you charging us?
This is either a charge for A.i. Chat, Review Generator, Google Integration, or Website Services, or one of our other products.

Doesn’t ring a bell?
If the product names above don’t ring a bell, it’s possible your business partner, marketing manager or office manager purchased one of our products. We’ve found that 95% of the time the confusion arises from someone else at a company signing up for the product.

Can we get an invoice for the charges?
If you need a receipt or invoice, we can always send you one. Simply email support (at)

Can we get a refund?
It depends on when you are requesting one. Our products and services have a standard refund policy. You can always email support (at) to inquire about the refund policy for the products you purchased.

Any further questions?
You can submit a support request and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can. Please email support (at)