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We're a group of experienced and diverse individuals, who are hell-bent on changing the world (starting with healthcare).

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Our Mission

We strive to make communication for patients and doctors more accessible,
no matter where the patient journey begins.

Our Vision

Make healthcare better for everyone.

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Our Values

Maintain PMA
Make Sh!t Happen
Practice a Growth Mindset
Be there for eachother
Stay Broke
Be Customer Obsessed
About DearDoc

Founding Story

Joe Brown (Founder & CEO) noticed that his grandfather, a Dermatologist, had an expensive website that wasn't converting traffic into new patients. Joe did some research on digital marketing and found that most Fortune 500 companies leverage chat functionality on their website to convert customers, but healthcare practices seemed to be behind the curve.

So, Joe placed our AI Chat onto his grandfather's website. Within just one month, Joe's grandfather saw a 200% increase in the number of new patients from his website. It wasn't long before other doctors took notice and started reaching out to Joe for help.

Today, DearDoc supports over 3,600 healthcare practices nationwide with over a dozen technology solutions.

DearDoc CEO Joe Brown

Our Leadership

Meet Our Team Joe Brown DearDoc CEO
Joe Brown
Chief Executive Officer
Meet Our Tean DearDoc Chief Finance Officer
Daniel McGregor
Chief Finance Officer
Meet Our Team Berry Sagerhorn Chief People Officer
Berry Sagehorn
Chief People Officer
Dave Rogers
Chief Customer Officer
Meet Our Team Bradley Ha VP of Sales
Bradley Ha
VP of Sales
Meet Our Team Cheyenne Kolosky Director of Marketing
Cheyenne Kolosky
Director of Marketing

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