About Us

Our mission is to drive practice growth for doctors through innovative technology so they can provide better care to more people. 

Some of the ways we do that include an artificial intelligent chat that is placed on the doctor’s website, which engages with potential patients by asking them questions, alleviating any concerns they may have, all while we are collecting their information like their name, phone number, and email, so that the practice can call them to schedule an appointment.

The story behind it all? Our CEO & Founder, Joe Brown, noticed that his grandfather, a Dermatologist, like many doctors, had a website. What he specifically noticed was that he was paying a ton of money for a website, but was not actually converting his online traffic to real patients. Joe did some research on digital marketing and realized that every Fortune 500 company implements a webchat to their site to talk with their customers, but private practices seemed to be behind the curve. So, he placed an AI smartchat onto his grandfather's website and within the first month, his grandfather doubled the number of new patients he got from his site. After a month went by, another doctor saw the AI smartchat on his grandfather's website and reached out to Joe to have it placed on his website as well. That’s when Joe had the realization that this was not just a side project, but an idea that could help shape the future of healthcare. So he started DearDoc.