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Your office staff is busy enough - leverage technology to maximize efficiencies while cutting operational costs.

Maximize Time,
Minimize Costs

Digital tools can save your support staff time while also cutting operational costs and increasing your number of patients. The benefits of digital tools is that they:

  • Can answer questions and convert patients at all times of the day, any day of the week

  • Never need to take a day off or call in sick

  • Are HIPAA Compliant

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Text to Pay allows you to solicit payments from patients via text. You never have to worry about tracking patients down via phone again.

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We are helping office managers across the nation streamline their operations.


Patient Questions Answered Per Month


New Patients Per Year


I have been exceedingly pleased with DearDoc service and functionality. Sam Daniels, my initial contact was persistent and for that, I am grateful as I almost declined his generous offer. I already had a booking link on my website, so I was initially not convinced that the DearDoc chat feature would get more engagement or booking, but I have been pleasantly surprised. In just over 4 months, I have had 166 conversations, with a 58% conversion, translating into 96 booked appointments from both existing (45) and new patients (51). I like the texting feature which allows me to followup on potential missed leads a week later to improve the conversion rate. The text feature allows me to also enter in current existing patients and engage via text. An overall great addition to my practice workflow. Highly recommend.

Dr. Cynthia Thaik

Holistic Healing Heart Center