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Whether you're looking to stay up-to-date on the latest industry news or meet new potential partners, these healthcare conferences are worth checking out. Here's a preview of some expected to occur between 2022-2023!

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8 Amazing Conferences for Healthcare in 2022 & 2023

The silver lining of the pandemic is undoubtedly the healthcare industry revolution that will change the future of healthcare altogether. From AI Smart chats to Zoom calling your patient— telehealth will only continue to evolve the way healthcare professionals interact with patients.

However, to stay in the loop on the latest tech and global health trends in the healthcare sector attending annual healthcare conferences is a fantastic way to form partnerships, network with others in your ecosystem, and level up your knowledge.

1. HLTH 2022 Annual Healthcare Event 2022

Numerous events happening within the HLTH 2022 including Well consumer-focused wellness wearables, mindfulness tokens to improve mental health, and more. To add, the HLTH 2022 hosts the StartUp Health Festival — diving into the world’s more challenging problems, and the Mercer Employee Experience for everything you need to know to keep your top healthcare leaders happy and healthy.

The HLTH aims to drive the needle forward by breaking down barriers within the healthcare system and welcoming anyone from entrepreneurs, to scientists and CEO’s of healthcare brands.

Network, learn, experience, and have fun while in Vegas!

Date of the event: November 13th - 16th, 2022

Location of the event: The Venetian Expo, Las Vegas, USA

2. RSNA Annual Conference 2022

The RSNA Radiology Society is hosting its 108th international conference so if you’re in this industry be sure to check it out! Not only does this event include over 400 courses and sessions from subsets within radiology and other health information, but it also includes over 100 presentations on the latest technology and innovations for healthcare delivery.  

Plenary sessions kick start with renowned radiologists including Bruce Haffty MD, Elizabeth Morris MD, Reed Omary MD, and many others!

Date of the event: November 27th to December 1st, 2022

Location of the event: McCormick Place Convention Center Downtown Chicago, USA

3. Advance 2023 - The Anesthesiology Business Event

The Advance 2023 Anesthesiology Event welcomes 1000+ physicians, healthcare executives,  practice administrators, exhibitors, and entrepreneurs to learn, network, and experience together. The perfect combination of business and digital health solutions to elevate and reimagine your Anesthesiology practice.

And, the best part is you can claim your CME hours too!

Date of the event: January 27th-29th, 2023

Location of the event: Orlando, FL, USA

4. Ecological and Environmental Safety Conference 2023

The Ecological and Environmental Safety Conference provides immense value for industry researchers, scientists, academics, and/ or students alike. With mother nature’s ecosystem consistently knocking on our door, humankind must come together now more than ever to evolve the way in which we move forward.

In this annual conference thought leaders from many walks of life will come together to speak on current trends, innovations, specific challenges we must address, and their proposed solutions.

Date of the event: January 30th—31st, 2023

Location of the event: New York, USA or digital

5. 2023 Rural Healthcare Leadership Conference

The Rural Healthcare Leadership conference is designed especially for rural area hospitals and other healthcare organizations that have a common goal to build a robust presence in the healthcare sector.

This conference targets titles such as trustees, physical executives, public health officials, administrators, community leaders, and other healthcare professionals aiming to create a better future for the next generation of rural healthcare personnel.

Date of the event: February 19th-23rd, 2023

Location of the event: San Antonio, TX, USA

6. Gynec 2023

The Gynec 2023 is an exhaustive list of healthcare practitioners, women healthcare professionals, and gynecologists alike that seek to provide information on the finest clinical practices through keynote speeches.

Valuable symposium topics include STIs, Sexual Medicine, Medical Problems in Pregnancy, Maternal Mortality, Neonatal Infection, and more will be covered. Overall, this renowned event hopes to provide invaluable information to improve patient experience and patient safety.

Date of the event: April 20th-22nd, 2023

Location of the event: hybrid event in Orlando, FL, USA

7. American Dental 2023 Conference

Meant to advance dental research, the American Dental Annual meeting is a space for healthcare professionals, clinicians, and intellectual minds to gather to present exciting new ideas, outcomes, and healthcare innovation in the dentistry sector.

By experiencing this three-day conference, you’ll have the opportunity to network and listen to speakers explain topics like Advanced Dental Research, Dental Biomaterials and Bioengineering, Public Health Dentistry, and more.

Date of the event: April 27th- 29th, 2023

Location of the event: hybrid event in Orlando, FL, USA

8. Health, Wellness, & Society 2023 Conference

The Health, Wellness, & Society meeting presented by Common Ground Research network, uncovers the issues in communication amongst those in the healthcare systems whether healthcare professionals, researchers, or scientists.

By curating networks to apply interdisciplinary thinking and foster global conversation, they propose more intellectual collaborations can foster.

In 2023 the main symposium topic will be digital health and well-being with an emphasis on:

  • wellness in social context
  • interdisciplinary health sciences
  • public health policies
  • health promotion and education

Date of the event: September 14th-15th, 2023

Location of the event: UBC Robinson Square, Vancouver, Canada

Final Thoughts

Today there are so many ways to promote your practice, learn, and network, but nothing beats in-person experiences where you can ask questions, get involved, and seek out new partnerships.

If after attending these events you’re still looking for a way to leverage technology to uniquely interact with your patients— get in touch with DearDoc to learn more about our services!