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Let's recap DearDoc's most significant achievements in 2021 together.

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DearDoc's 2021 Year in Review

DearDoc's 2021 Year in Review

2021 was marked a stellar year for DearDoc as we focused on redefining the way medical practices connect with patients and expanded our offerings to serve 66% more medical practices. Let's recap DearDoc's most significant achievements in 2021 together.

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At DearDoc, we're striving to help medical practices streamline their tasks, grow their businesses, and deliver a 5-star experience to their patients. In 2021, we were trusted by 3,998 medical practices to modernize their patient experience with our cloud-based platform.

“We’re on a mission to help doctors experience practice growth so they can help as many patients as possible.” - Joe Brown, CEO

AI Chat

DearDoc's AI Chat allows medical practices to connect with patients anytime and anywhere. The AI Chat is a powerful tool that makes it simple for patients to directly ask questions or book an appointment online.

In 2021, our AI Chat helped a total of 904,914 patients with their needs and converted 552,761 inquiries into paying patients for medical practices.

On average, each of our medical practices using DearDoc had 3,804 patient interactions through our AI Chat. Easier communication turns into a better customer experience that your patients deserve.

To break down patient interactions with the AI Chat further, we discovered that Mondays accounted for the highest number of patients gained through AI Chat, and Tuesdays had the highest number of new chat interactions.

Although most practices are not in business over the weekends, Saturdays and Sundays made up for 19.95% of all new chats, and 15.97% of new customers gained. With our AI Chat, practices can get new appointments booked even during off-hours.

Missed Call AI

DearDoc's Missed Call AI tool further solidifies your patient communication by reconnecting patients with chat or text messages when they call outside of office hours. Our data shows that 88.8% of the redirects were text messages while 11.2% of the redirects are chats to book appointments or ask questions.

Web Design & SEO

Our team of web design experts and content managers brought 315 new websites to life. These websites are optimized for SEO and have built-in voice search and accessibility compliance to give your website visitors an optimal experience.

Through custom blog content designed to highlight your brand voice and to educate your customers, our team is constantly discovering innovative ways to grow your website traffic and convert traffic into new patients.

Text to Pay

To help medical practices stay on top of your finances, our Text to Pay feature unlocks the potential for you to collect payments faster and easier with Text to Pay. In 2021, DearDoc customers collected 22% more in payments using Text to Pay.

Among other products, DearDoc also offers Social Media Management, SEO Optimization, Review Generator, and Telemedicine tools. Our team is aiming to grow and expand our company and offerings in 2022 to give our customers the ultimate experience and advanced tools to succeed.

“2021 was a great year, and we’re excited to launch new solutions, continue to bolster our customers, and ultimately provide even more practice growth in 2022.” - Joe Brown, CEO

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