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In this article, we'll look at the different ways AI chat can help you boost patient communication and drive more website conversion.

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5 Ways AI Chat Can Improve User Experience in Your Medical Practice’s Website

Some years back, if someone mentioned that AI chat would be used in the healthcare industry, you would probably have disregarded their view as unfeasible. But just in a few short years, AI chat has taken the healthcare industry by storm. In fact, according to a study conducted by Meticulous Research, the AI chatbot market is expected to grow to $703.2 million by 2025.  

Among the key reasons that have fueled the rapid adoption of AI chat by medical practitioners is their ability to enhance user experience in medical practice websites. Ahead we'll look at the different ways AI chat can help you achieve this feat. But before we look into that, let's first define what an AI chat is.

What is AI chat?

AI chat is a program that simulates human-like conversations by utilizing natural language processing (NLP). Recently, AI chats have gained traction in the healthcare industry as the go-to customer care tool, given their ability to enhance the user experience.

How AI chat improves user experience on medical practice websites

Here is an outline of some of the ways AI chat can improve the user experience on your medical practice's website:

1. Provide seamless interaction with patients

Real-time interactions are becoming the new minimum standard for medical practices to meet in order to attract and retain patients. And to achieve this feat, you need to automate your customer service using AI chat.

AI-powered chats are intelligent. They stay awake 24/7/365 to provide your patients with real-time feedback on their queries regardless of where the patient is located and the time of the day.

2. AI chat can humanize your brand presence

Did you know that when interacting with an AI chat, approximately 63% of users never really understand that they are not actually communicating with a real person? The reason behind this phenomenon is quite simple–if you either acquire or build a well-developed AI chat with an engaging and interactive script, chances are it will provide your patients with a more humanized conversation. The AI chat should allow patients to choose the direction they want the conversation to take, meaning it should provide multiple options from which a patient can quickly pick one.

You are probably wondering how to humanize your AI chat! Here's how:

  • Carry out extensive audience research to build an AI chat that understands your patients' needs and helps them come up with solutions to various problems.
  • Create a highly engaging and informative narrative. Your goal should be to build an smartchat that uses everyday language. The smartchat's messaging should be clear and straightforward and its tone conversational.
  • When providing answers to a patient's queries, the AI chat shouldn't use essays but rather use a maximum of two sentences. Also, be sure not to send no more than three messages at a time to prevent your chat from looking spammy.

3. Bringing holistic user experiences from a central place

AI chat has functionalities that enable your customers (patients) to get a holistic user experience from one place. Just as is the case with search engines, your patients can harness the various functionalities of AI chat to ask questions, browse desired services, and even schedule appointments.

So why is this vital? Given that today's customers are tech-savvy, they tend to use multiple platforms, channels, and devices to interact with your brand and the services you offer. A 2017 Microsoft study estimates that 66% of online consumers juggle between at least three different communication channels before connecting with a customer service agent. And more importantly, the customers (patients) expect to get an enthralling user experience irrespective of the device or platform they use.

That said, AI chat allows them to undertake various actions from one place, including researching the medical services you offer, interacting with your brand, and scheduling an appointment with your medical practice for a given medical care need. As such, it minimizes patients' frustrations and improves their experience with your medical practice.

4. Providing relevant user experiences

In today's era, where machine learning and big data are the order of the day, your patients expect you to learn about their specific needs and offer them solutions that can best improve their health. Patients tend to share their personal information with medical practitioners just so that they can get the best solution for their medical needs.

AI chat is essential to providing your patients with relevant user experiences. By using natural and engaging conversations, you can learn more about your patients—why they have reached out to your practice and how they expect you to help them. AI chat also enables you to ask your patients questions geared towards gaining insight into how they perceive your services and what they expect from you.

5. Data from AI chat can help you improve your services

Whenever patients decide to share their story or problem, they're not just sharing their pain points with you, but rather they are teaching you how to tailor your products and services to address their needs.

AI chat can be a gold mine for customer information. Every type of information recorded in your AI chat presents valuable insights that you can use to improve the services you offer to your patients. Also, you can get information about the medical services your patients wish you could add to those you already provide.

You can create videos, FAQ pages, and helpful blog posts to educate your patients on various ways of attending to minor medical concerns. Alternatively, you can provide them with tips on how to manage various medical conditions. Doing this helps enhance the user experience of patients and potential clients who visit your medical practice's website.

DearDoc can help enhance the user experience of your medical practice's website

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