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Learn more about using a HIPAA-compliant FAQ chatbot to deliver a better patient communication.

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Is a FAQ Chatbot Right for your Medical Practice?

To increase patient satisfaction rates, it's imperative to focus on patient experience. Patient experience is based on interactions with healthcare providers, facilities, staff, and digital resources.

One of the patient experience trends to follow is the rising popularity of digital involvement. Today, 20% of baby boomers, 44% of Gen Xers, and 42% of millennials are likely to switch practices unless they get a better online communication experience.  

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of healthcare providers can offer 24/7 high-quality digital support. That's where FAQ chatbots come in.  

What is a FAQ Chatbot?

A FAQ chatbot is an AI-powered tool that helps your website visitors find answers to their questions quickly. The tool analyzes the question and finds the most suitable answer by searching the existing Q&A bank.

A FAQ chatbot:

  • Answers common and repetitive questions from website visitors.
  • Is available 24/7/365.
  • Keeps track of data and helps with business insights.

Sophisticated FAQ chatbots learn from new data, understand patterns and user behavior, and have the ability to predict conversation flow.

How a FAQ Chatbot Can Help Your Medical Practice

FAQ chatbots have an impressive potential for improving your practice, driving conversions, increasing your marketing ROI, and much more.

Improved Website Navigation

With 73% of Americans searching for health information online, a well-crafted SEO campaign can bring substantial traffic to your practice's website. However, converting these patients could be tough unless you have high-quality navigation.

FAQ sections are useful for medical SEO and featured snippet competitions. Unfortunately, only a few patients have sufficient patience to sift through the entire Q&A bank.

A FAQ chatbot can solve this problem by providing immediate answers to the patients' questions, thus keeping them on the website and stimulating conversions.

Data Gathering

When patients interact with a FAQ bot, the program gathers information. This tool can:

  • Collect patient's contact details.
  • Keep track of popular questions.
  • Report questions your website doesn't have an answer for.

This data can be vital for your future marketing efforts. Meanwhile, it can assist with improving the patient experience on your website.


AI-driven FAQ chatbots are designed to provide a personalized human-like experience. When looking for medical information, patients are often in a stressed state of mind. Interacting with a professional-sounding human-like tool that provides quick answers can improve their experience and streamline personalization.

Patients who receive quick answers on your website are less likely to continue shopping around for other options.

Higher Authority

A high-quality chatbot that provides immediate answers and solutions can improve your practice's authority.

Today, 75% of patients agree that a poor digital experience with a healthcare provider ruins the entire experience with that provider. Meanwhile, a strong digital experience can boost your practice's authority and make it more appealing to the patient.

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed healthcare professionals to improve the digital experience for their patients. In 2021, the patient expects high-quality digital services. When these services are lacking, the practice's authority suffers.


When it comes to health-related questions, patients want answers fast. Whether they are stressing over their condition or want to find your office hours, a tedious search for information can ruin the experience.

A FAQ chatbot can provide an instantaneous answer to the patient's questions, thus relieving stress and creating extra opportunities for conversion and retention.

Cost efficiency

According to Juniper Research, by 2023, chatbots are expected to cut business costs by $8 billion. By implementing FAQ chatbots into your customer service and marketing strategy, you can save by:

  • Eliminating the need to hire additional team members (or pay existing staff overtime wages) to answer mundane and repetitive questions.
  • Retaining existing clients who take advantage of your digital content and services.
  • Increasing conversion rates, thus affecting your practice's bottom line and improving marketing ROI (Return on Investment).

Overall, FAQ chatbot implementation can save your practice both time and money while improving authority and boosting patient satisfaction rates.

Is a FAQ Chatbot Right for Your Practice?

A FAQ chatbot can be a robust addition to your practice's digital offer. However, some healthcare professionals are still hesitant about making this investment. Here are a few signs your practice could benefit from using this tool.

  • You have a large Q&A bank and knowledge base — the vast amount of information you want to share with potential and existing patients stays out of reach simply because it takes too much time to find it.
  • You want to provide 24/7 support — when analyzing your website metrics, you may find substantial traffic during the off hours. This means your patients are looking for information when your staff is unavailable. A FAQ chatbot can provide 24/7 assistance and keep patients from shopping around.
  • You want higher conversion rates — by improving patient experience, a FAQ chatbot turns into a robust conversion tool. Helping website visitors find quick answers increases your chances of converting them into patients.    
  • You need to grow your email list — email marketing is the top digital channel that helps healthcare professionals build long-lasting relationships with their patients. It can also have an impressive 4400% ROI. Besides answering questions, a FAQ chatbot can collect a visitor's contact details, so you can add them to your email list.
  • You want to reduce your staff's workload — if your patient can't find an answer to their question on your website, they call your clinic. Practice administrators are often overwhelmed with answering mundane, repetitive, and straightforward questions. A FAQ chatbot can relieve some of this burden, thus helping your staff focus on core tasks.  

Contrary to popular belief, implementing a high-quality FAQ chatbot isn't complicated and time-consuming. It integrates with your CRM system easily and becomes an essential part of your website operation.

Streamlining Patient Experience with DearDoc's FAQ Chatbot  

A FAQ chatbot is an excellent addition to a medical practice's digital environment. These chatbots improve patient experience, drive conversions, build authority, and provide valuable insight.

If you'd like to take full advantage of a sophisticated FAQ chatbot, contact us to get started today.  At DearDoc, we use AI to help healthcare professionals take patient experience to the next level: