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Let’s get into the details of how exactly the why these artificially intelligent computer programs are important in helping you grow your practice and attracting new patients.

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The Importance of ChatBots for Medical Practices

In 2019, chatbots are as popular as ever and are heavily impacting the way all businesses run their online marketing and support campaigns. A chatbot is simply an artificial intelligence program, designed to interact and converse with humans through websites, telephone, messaging applications or smartphone applications.

Their use has increased significantly over the years and the chatbot market is currently expected to increase exponentially till 2023. These bots, in our opinion, are a must have for your webpage to accommodate all patients during a webchat or a live chat.

Let’s get into the details of how exactly the why these artificially intelligent computer programs are important in helping you grow your practice and attracting new patients.


The first and foremost concern that may pop up in your head, as a medical practitioner running their website (independently), might be the cost associated with using modern healthcare marketing techniques. Many techniques and methods, including chatbots, may seem to be very expensive due to the technicalities involved.

However, using these AI programs for a webchat or a live chat is not expensive at all. Maintenance costs are low and a heavy bonus is the labor costs that you will save.

Round-the-clock Availability

Taking time out of your busy schedule to deal with patient queries over the Internet at all times, or even for half of your day, can be a difficult feat and almost impossible. On the other end, your potential patients will have access to your website 24*7 and will be, rather impatiently, expecting quick responses to their queries.

Chatbots will be available throughout the day and night for a webchat with hundreds of people simultaneously, eliminating the need for your visitors to wait for a response.

Greater User Engagement

Chatbots have the capability of making your visitors feel connected to you. They provide users with an interactive experience and handle them without a hint of impatience or disinterest. This will essentially make all those using your webpage’s webchat feel that their query matters. They will have ‘someone’ who is dedicated towards providing them with the best-suited solution or their requested information readily.

Using bots the right way can increase chances of previous visitors coming back to your webpage for an engaging, problem-solving experience in the future.

Consistent Service & 100% Satisfaction

Our actions and quality of interaction is greatly affected by our emotions and moods- it’s human nature. For example, a customer agent who is experiencing an unpleasant mood will, rather unintentionally, react accordingly when dealing with a customer. Consequently, the customer will not be happy with their treatment.

On the other hand, by using a chatbot for handling patient queries and issues, you will be ruling out the chances of turning away dissatisfied visitors due to emotional involvement. Your webpage’s bot(s) will deal with your patients in a way they are programmed to- in the perfectly polite manner-regardless of their attitude.

At DearDoc, we provide highly effective and efficient artificially intelligent webchat services, to doctors from all fields, which will surely help you in driving sales and converting normal online visitors into new patients. Grow your practice with us today and we assure you that our artificially intelligent webchat bots will never let you miss a patient! Book a free call to learn more: