• Cecilia Li

Industry Report: Healthcare Marketing and Growth in 2022

The healthcare industry is slowly modernizing, but COVID-19 has pushed that modernization further. We surveyed medical practice owners to find out how healthcare marketing and growth have evolved since the beginning of the pandemic.

This study answered many questions. Some highlights are:

  • How are medical practices staying competitive?

  • What are practice owners' biggest goals and challenges in 2022?

  • What are the biggest financial pain points of medical practices?

  • What marketing tactics are working for doctors? What marketing tactics aren't working?

Key Finding

Practice growth is the top priority for doctors but most are struggling with patient acquisition. At the same time, the majority of practice owners are still relying on traditional marketing tactics to reach new patients. Read the full survey analysis to learn what marketing channels are effective or ineffective, financial struggles for practices, and more.

Download the study now to get the full analysis:

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