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12 Healthcare Conferences and Events in 2022

Now that the whole world is dealing with the ongoing covid-19, the healthcare industry is witnessing a digital revolution. The pandemic has opened the ways to collaborate, interact and revolutionize the old ways. Thus, helping society to improve their living standards by adopting the fourth industrial revolution. Moreover, it's when people can reimagine the health care sector. With the country's situation in mind and with the upcoming opportunity considered, the new year will bring a couple of healthcare conferences & events. If you wish to join one of them to network with other healthcare professionals, form partnerships, and, stay on top of the trend, here are the necessary details you need to know.

Top Healthcare Conferences in 2022

1. International Meeting On Simulation In Healthcare

The International Meeting on simulation in healthcare is an annual conference organized to offer adequate tools and resources to all clinicians and health care providers. This will assist professionals in adapting to the digital transformations and include the necessary tools needed to uplift their practice and panels with thought leaders in the healthcare industry. Thus, impacting a positive change in the healthcare sector as well as enhancing the care offered to patients. You will also receive access to the newest health policy, health information, and other updates during this meeting.

Date of the event: January 15 - 19, 2022

Location of the event: Los Angeles, CA

2. Advance 2022 - The Anesthesiology Business Event

Another upcoming healthcare event where 1000+ physicians, healthcare executives, and practice administrators will engage with others. It is a great way by which people seeking business advancement digital health solutions can enhance their skills and get the solutions, tools, and resources required to give their business a touch of advancement.

Date of the event: January 28 - 30, 2022

Location of the event: Dallas, TX

3. Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit

Healthcare providers who are on their way to digitally revolutionize the world can participate in this upcoming summit taking place in San Diego. It is an annual gathering where payers, investors, innovators, policymakers, and providers will take part. You'll learn more about the healthcare ecosystem and the future of healthcare at this expo.

Date of the event: February 01 - 02, 2022

Location of the event: La Jolla, CA

4. 10th Annual Essentials In Primary Care Winter Conference

It is an exhibition annual meeting in which the decision-makers evaluate different services and products. After the evaluation of services and products, these key decision-makers will utilize those products in their daily practice. Moreover, the products are used in primary care settings all across the world. See a full list of exhibitors here.

Date of the event: February 07 - 11, 2022

Location of the event: Naples, FL

5. VIVE Event

This event is held to enhance your global reach among the reputed personalities of the healthcare sector. The audience at the event will include senior IT healthcare leaders, investors, health startups, buyers, C-suite executives, government, and solution givers.

Date of the event: March 06 - 09, 2022

Location of the event: Miami Beach, FL

6. Patient Experience Conference

Those healthcare leaders and other healthcare practitioners can participate in the healthcare conference to improve the patient experience and give the right assistance to the patients. In this conference, the main focus is given to the design of an elevated PX.

Date of the event: March 14 - 16, 2022

Location of the event: Orlando, FL

7. HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition

This is an influential conference or a trade show that is specially designed for CIOs, providers, senior executives, payers, entrepreneurs, IT consultants, and other healthcare professionals. They can participate in the conference and exhibition to gain a good knowledge about the different ways to improve patient care in their healthcare system as well as get the solution required to transform well-being, patient safety, and the next generation of the patient experience.

Date of the event: March 14 - 18, 2022

Location of the event: Orlando, FL

8. 2022 Rural Healthcare Leadership Conference

This is a conference designed especially for the rural area hospitals as well as for other healthcare organizations that are on the mission to build a strong presence in the healthcare sector. The people who can participate in the conference include trustees, physical executives, public health officials, administrators, community leaders, and other healthcare professionals.

Date of the event: March 28 - 30, 2022

Location of the event: Indianapolis, IN

9. Physician Health & Well-being Conference

This conference showcases ways of delivering care, wellness, and health services to patients. Aside from the enhancement of inpatient care, the goal of the conference is to improve professional satisfaction. There will be keynote speakers to present telehealth and other industry-trending topics.

Date of the event: March 30 - April 02, 2022

Location of the event: Naples, FL

10. Direct Primary Care Summit

This summit is a way to help primary care providers with a method to improve patient care and their practice. Here, the recognized members from the healthcare sector arrive and educate you about startup, operation as well as the growth of the primary care practice.

Date of the event: July 16 - 17, 2022

Location of the event: Kansas City, MO

11. Family Medicine Experience

One of the largest year after year gatherings of family physicians in family medicine experience. During this event, more than 4200 family physicians arrive at the location to find out ways to enhance the care given to the patients. Moreover, a live CME is organized in which they can test their knowledge through different challenges. They are inspired by the speakers and other robust peer connections.

Date of the event: September 20 - 24, 2022

Location of the event: Washington, DC

12. International Conference On Physician Health

The International Conference on physician health is designed to focus on the caregiving and practice steps of physicians. They are offered multiple evidence-based and time-tested solutions to get back to their work more powerfully. Additionally, here physicians get to learn the practice skills and get tools and resources to make their medicine a good career option by implementing them in their practice. In a nutshell, this conference is made to boost the healthier culture for family physicians.

Date of the event: October 13 - 15, 2022

Location of the event: Orlando, FL

Final Words

If you're a healthcare provider who wishes to boost their practice and caregiving skills, they can freely participate in the aforementioned conferences and events that will take place in 2022. Looking for a way by which you can grow your practice and interact with your patients uniquely? Get in touch with the DearDoc team - a cloud-based practice growth platform that will help you to get advanced tools to improve your practice and modernize the ways to connect with your patients. Reach out to DearDoc and schedule a free consultation session now.

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