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6 Irresistible Promotions for Plastic Surgery Centers

It's an exciting time to be a plastic surgeon in the United States. Americans spent over $9 billion on plastic surgery procedures in 2020, up from over $8 billion annually in 2019. Industry experts expect the demand for plastic surgery to continue to grow in 2021 and beyond.

Given these trends, it's more important than ever to make sure your plastic surgery marketing strategy includes a variety of exciting promotions to attract new and existing clients. Below are six plastic surgeon promos that can make your surgery center the top choice for men and women looking to enhance their appearance.

1. Host an Open House

Scheduling an open house is a great way to thank your existing clients and win over new prospects. And if you are a recent graduate or new to town, an open house or grand opening is the perfect way to make your mark in the community. Event experts suggest you avoid the end of the year and the middle of summer, and plan to hold your event on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Here are some other tips to consider:

  • Spotlight the top procedures you offer by creating attractive cards or table tents

  • Offer a discount to people who visit and schedule a procedure

  • Hold a drawing for gift certificates, free procedures, or free products

  • Enhance the mood by serving light appetizers and beverages

2. Feature a Spin-to-Win Wheel on Your Website

Wheel of Fortune and Roulette are two of the world's most popular games. Given Americans' love for games with wheels, it's no surprise that adding a Spin-to-Win Wheel is a great way to engage anyone who visits your website. The premise is as easy as one-two-three:

  • Step One: Visitors to your website enter their contact information.

  • Step Two: Players can then click a button to spin the wheel to win a prize.

  • Step Three: Winners receive their prizes while you build your customer base.

Featuring a spin-to-win wheel on your website is as easy as playing. Simply reach out to a leading web design and management expert such as DearDoc to purchase the wheel and be sure to place the wheel in a highly visible location on your website and social media pages. A DearDoc marketing specialist will walk you through the steps and show you how the game will generate leads and boost your revenue.

3. Hold a "Name that Room" Contest

Many plastic surgery centers have multiple rooms that each serve a different purpose. For example, one room may be dedicated to facial surgery, one room might be reserved for liposuction, and one room could be reserved for aesthetic procedures.

If your facility is set up with several unnamed rooms, you can engage your clients by launching a "Name That Room" contest. Clients can play by submitting name suggestions with their contact details in a box placed in each room. And if you would like to expand the promo to more people, you can post photos of each room on your social media pages with an invitation to submit creative names. On a date you designate, you and your staff can choose the best name for each room, with the winners each receiving a gift certificate and recognition on your website.

4. Launch a Selfie Promo

The selfie craze began decades ago and is still going strong. Google reports that Android users take over 93 million selfies per day and selfies reign on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Selfies have become so commonplace that June 21st has been proclaimed "World Selfie Day." This would be a great day to kick off a "Selfie Promo," in which you would invite clients to submit a selfie taken in the months following a procedure. You and your staff could then vote on the winning selfie, or invite your social media followers to join in the fun and vote on the best selfie for a special prize.

5. Establish a Referral Program

Referral programs are effective because they incentivize existing clients and new prospects to choose you as their plastic surgeon. There are countless ways to kick off a referral program your clients will love. The key is to keep your program simple while selecting incentives that really motivate your current clients to refer new prospects to you. Here are some examples:

  • Offer 10% off procedures to clients who refer new prospects to you. The new customer would also receive 10% off their first purchase.

  • Give referring clients a spending credit that is equivalent to 10% of the new client's purchase.

  • Hold an annual contest to track the total number of referrals from your clients. You can award gift cards to the top 3 finishers.

6. Invite Clients to be on Your "Before and After" Page

One of the best ways to attract prospective clients is to showcase your surgical talents. Whether you are known for your elegant eyelid lifts or your beautiful body sculpting, potential clients will want to see your results. By featuring a "Before and After" page on your website, prospects can see exactly how you operate and what they may be able to expect in terms of results.

New and existing clients can become your greatest ambassadors by agreeing to allow you to post photos of them before and after their surgery. In exchange for their willingness to share their experiences before, during, and after their procedures, you can offer a complimentary treatment package or gift card.

What is the most important thing to remember when launching a promotion?

As outlined above, plastic surgery marketing can be creative, lucrative, and fun for staff and clients alike. But not all plastic surgeon promos are created equal. As you design your promotions, remember to consider your target audience and choose incentives are engaging, enticing, and motivating.

The single best way to maximize your promo ROI is to reach out to an expert in innovative marketing technology for doctors and surgeons. For years, DearDoc has helped plastic surgeons attract new prospects and convert those visitors to loyal clients.

To discover how you creative marketing initiatives can boost your revenue, we invite you to contact us at DearDoc. We can help you add a "Spin-to-Win" wheel to your website and arrange a complimentary demo of our other exciting services. We look forward to helping your plastic surgery center grow and thrive!

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