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Marketing for Doctors: 7 Proven Strategies to Grow Your Practice

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

In today's modern age, marketing has become an integral component of organizational growth—even for the medical industry. Truth be told, more and more people have shifted to seeking information on the internet, including medical information. In fact, a Pew Research Center report established that 72% of the respondents searched online for health information.

So what does this mean for healthcare marketing? Hospitals and medical practitioners need to embrace the technological changes, establish an online presence, and market their services lest they find themselves out of business. However, setting up an innovative medical marketing strategy is easier said than done.

With new marketing and advertising channels cropping up every other day, navigating the waters of the medical marketing field can seem somewhat treacherous. The last thing you want to do is waste your time and resources on a marketing strategy that doesn't work.

Below are seven proven marketing strategies for doctors:

1. Create a responsive healthcare website

Your medical practice needs to have an online home, a place where your current and potential patients can easily find you. And what better way to achieve that than by creating a responsive healthcare website. Such a website will enable your patients to easily engage with you.

So what makes a website responsive? For starters, it should be able to automatically adjust to any screen size, be it a phone, computer, or tablet. Additionally, it should be easy to navigate, load fast, and be secure.

How responsive your website is will play a massive part in determining how well it ranks on search engines. As such, you should ensure that your website is optimized for all types of devices.

2. Engage in social media marketing and referral marketing

Social media marketing is one of the best medical marketing approaches given that it enables you to reach your ideal audience easily. Moreover, social media is an essential tool for driving website traffic and improving search engine rankings.

According to a PwC study, 41% of healthcare clients say that social media content impacts their choice of the treatment facility they will visit. This statistic underscores the importance of using social media to market your medical practice.

Sharing great content on your social media handles will not only allow you to reach a broad number of potential clients but will also enable you to keep them engaged. With that in mind, you should ensure that you evaluate the best social media platform to market your medical services since different platforms will have different marketing outcomes.

3. Harness the power of email marketing

Email marketing has grown to be an excellent marketing arsenal in recent times because of the personalized touch it creates. Studies show that 66% of people check their emails every morning. Additionally, 93% of adult patients wish that their doctors would communicate with them via email. Email marketing is an effective way of marketing your medical services and acquiring new leads, given that it's easy to personalize, has low costs, and is easy to implement.

Ensure that you share the latest information about your medical practice with your subscribers. We are talking about information such as healthcare insights, discounts, and new medical procedures. Also, ensure that your email messages are consistent and are related to your practice.

4. Execute a video marketing strategy

Marketing your medical practice via videos is one of the best ways of reaching out to potential customers. As such, you can't ignore this strategy when you're marketing your medical practice. Visual content has more prospects of improving your website's ranking, given that they rank better on search engines.

There are different tools you can use to execute this marketing strategy. However, YouTube remains to be one of the best among them because it is the second-largest search engine. Below are some tips that you should heed while marketing your medical practice using video content:

  • Create website welcome videos

  • Record patient testimonials

  • Shoot procedure and treatment overview videos

5. Generate leads with social ads and Google Ads

Making use of the digital advertising space is essential if you want to drive leads and get new patients for higher revenue. There are numerous digital advertising platforms you can use to market your medical services. However, Facebook Ads and Google Ads are the most prominent amongst them. These two platforms are heavy hitters when it comes to promoting your medical services digitally. This is because they allow you to customize your advertisement to reach your target audience. Moreover, these digital marketing tools allow you to track and analyze how successful your advertising program is.

6. Making use of physician outreach programs

Physician referrals can be a great way of acquiring new patients. As such, you must develop a physician liaison marketing program to build strong doctor referral relationships. Among the benefits that you'll get from creating a physician liaison program include:

  • It will connect your medical practice with referring physicians

  • It will help introduce your practice to the healthcare community

  • It provides a way of streamlining referrals for primary care providers easily

  • It will help track patient visits and build your network

  • It will enable you to assess the growth of your practice through referral analytics

In a nutshell, physician referrals can be the lifeline of your medical practice since they can help broaden your patient base.

7. Creating excellent provider profile listings

How well you've created your business listings will impact your medical marketing and the SEO of your content. Business listings are the contact information that gets displayed when patients search for your medical practice online.

To be able to reach many patients, you must verify and optimize your business listings across all platforms. Ensure that all the information displayed is accurate and that patients can reach you by using that information at all times.

In this day and age, marketing is essential if you want to grow your medical practice. However, juggling your time between patient care and marketing your medical services can be a daunting task. As such, you need a marketing partner to fully benefit from your marketing strategies. DearDoc can help with marketing and patient outreach. We drive practice growth for doctors through innovative technology that's geared towards ensuring that you not only retain your patients but also get new ones. Contact our team today for more information about marketing for doctors:

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