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How to Grow a Medical Practice in 2022

Health practitioners who operate their medical practices handle the duties of a doctor and shoulder the responsibilities of a CEO, entrepreneur, and sometimes even a marketing manager at the same time. According to an American Medical Association poll, 45.8 percent of practice owners operated their own practices in 2018. Whether you wish to grow your practice or just keep your patient load consistent, attracting new patients is an important component of your operation.

If you want to expand and diversify your medical practice in 2022 and beyond but aren't sure where to begin, here are a few ideas to consider for growth and better practice management.

How to Grow a Medical Practice: Tips and Strategies

1. Know Your Market

Understanding your market is essential for brand success. It is what inspires successful marketing initiatives, builds value premium, and eventually improves the profitability of your business. Before reaching out to new patients, you must first understand your present patients. Start by looking at your practice records and identifying your current patients' age range, gender, occupation, and geographic region to see where you can make improvements. This information will help determine the most effective marketing strategies for promoting your business and attracting new clientele.

Once you've identified your primary audience, you'll be able to employ the methods and content that will be most appealing to them. This prevents you from wasting marketing dollars on platforms that your target clients do not utilize or interact with strongly. The information gained from this will also enable your practice to enhance its service offerings and sales strategy better to fulfill the needs of its target audience better.

2. Hire the Right Team

Operating a successful practice takes a significant amount of effort and time. You can be certain that you will be able to push your practice to another level with the right team. Therefore, knowing who to recruit is one of the most important decisions you will have to make as a firm owner. When it comes to patient satisfaction, knowledgeable, courteous, and empathetic employees make a world of difference. As a result, your employees should possess great interpersonal abilities. Consider carefully what type of people you may need to recruit, and make sure that any new hiring aligns with the growth objectives you've established.

3. Build an Online Presence

With today's technological advancements, having a website for your healthcare practice is an extremely effective commercial tool. It's the place where you can create a good first impression, turn visitors into new patients, and broaden the reach of your practice's online presence. Your internet marketing initiatives, like the actual locations of your healthcare business, must have a solid foundation from which to expand.

You must attract patients' attention before they make their first appointment or set foot into your waiting area. It would be best if you specifically determined how you will approach your clients (the channels) and what you will do to gain and retain their attention. This implies that, in addition to paying attention to the information and images on your practice website, you must prevent website errors that reduce conversion and harm your online brand.

4. Get more Online Reviews

Learning how to acquire new online reviews is crucial to growing any practice's patient acquisition strategy, owing to Google's prominence as a platform. Almost all consumers (88%) say they trust internet reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends. It is common for patients to be significantly affected by the views of others and to focus their selections down to whatever practices have the most positive reviews.

While you have little control over what patients publish online, as part of your 2022 medical marketing plan, you may be proactive with your patient feedback. This involves soliciting feedback from happy patients through the use of internet reviews and managing your profile on review sites. Ensure to respond to both positive and negative reviews about your practice because this kind of feedback is beneficial. Think of it this way: If your medical practice has a 4.5-star rating and a variety of excellent reviews, and another rival firm has a few average reviews, who do you think the patient would choose?

5. Follow up with existing patients

Follow-up is the act of contacting a patient or caregiver at a later, predetermined date to inquire about the patient's development after their previous visit to check-in with them regularly. Following up with prospective patients should be a top focus in your marketing approach. Follow-up enables further investigations to be examined and acted upon, stimulates specialized assessment of patients, and ensures that patients with chronic diseases get the necessary secondary care input.

Furthermore, follow-up aids in the development of a positive working connection between you and your patients. Use these effective follow-up approaches for tracking your patients' progress:

  • Work with your clinical team to determine which patients may benefit from follow-up.

  • Determine a suitable follow-up schedule.

  • Organize methods for recording a follow-up, such as an electronic health record (EHR) or an email marketing tool, to improve patient safety.

  • Decide which personnel will be in charge of updating the tracking systems.

6. Connect with the community

Events such as educational seminars, screening or immunization clinics, and other pop-up events may help you educate your local community, build your reputation as a local expert, highlight important services, and expose your practice to prospective new clients and patients. Patients and other health professionals benefit from group health visits, in which a physician sees a group of patients who all have the same health issue. Not only does this increase the number of patients who can be treated, but it also helps healthcare workers avoid clinical fatigue.

In addition, group visits enable clinicians to spend longer with patients than one-on-one meetings. Consider establishing a social media challenge in honor of a popular event that already takes place in your region, to encourage your patients to attend.

7. Improve Your Patient Experience

A huge part of your patient care comes with creating a delightful patient experience for your current and potential patients. To healthcare providers, your patients now have the choice of comparing practices before choosing new services and you'll want to stand out from your competition. Eliminate wait times by adopting an AI Chat tool to allow online booking and send reminder texts or emails before your appointment to give your patients a modern experience. A happy patient can bring you referrals too.

8. Leverage SEO and Content Marketing

Growing your practice's organic traffic is a long-term but effective healthcare marketing method to bring more potential patients to your site. Pay attention to your site's technical SEO and create a blog section to create high-quality content that targets your patient's pain points. This will not only grow your patient base but also build trust with patients by establishing your practice as a thought leader.

Bottom line

As we look forward to what the year 2022 will bring in terms of healthcare, we must keep in mind the reality of the last few years. With the emergence of COVID-19, flexibility and innovative solutions remain the best approach to deal with the pandemic's effect while also preparing for a digitally-driven future. A successful social media plan will enable you to actively engage your current patients while promoting your medical practice to new ones. You'll discover many options to advertise your company, whether you want to reach out to patients directly or network with colleagues.

Acquiring new patients isn't the only way to expand your practice. Therefore, a patient retention strategy is an essential component of your practice's growth strategy. DearDoc can assist you in developing efficient tactics and building your internet presence from the beginning. Contact us and let us help you take your medical practice to the next level.

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